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My name is Erisa and I am currently a student at Florida Institute of Technology (2020) majoring in Applied Mathematics with an applied area on Computer Sciences. For my major, I’m not only interested in learning some techniques how to solve some specific problems but in discovering those techniques. I would rather spend 5 hours on trying to solve a problem by knowing the definitions and the theorems I need to know and nothing else, than solving similar problems over and over again that I was taught how to do so. No. That’s not Math for me. In addition, I am really interested to know or try to find the proofs of every theorem I use, otherwise, probably I might not be able to remember or understand them at all.
Awards & Acknowledgements:
  • Annually Awards from Hellenic Mathematical Society (2011-2016)Greatest Award 30th Greek Mathematical Olympiad, Archimedes, Athens, Greece (2012-2013)
  • Faculty Senate Scholarship Award (2016-2017)  
Please feel free to contact me, always my pleasure to talk about Mathematics.

Erisa Hasani 

12-15-1997 | Albanian-Greek | 150 West University Boulevard | Melbourne Florida, 32901 (box number 6789) | +1 3212728211